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Welcome to Conference Registration!

Please read these directions carefully. The registration link is at the bottom.

This page will stay open in a separate tab for your reference.

Membership Information

Remember, you must be an HSC member to register yourself and your family for an event.

If you are not a member or if your membership has lapsed, click on the "Membership" tab above to join or renew.

If you are a member but don't remember the email address you used, please send a message with your name and any email address you may have used to:  hsc-membership@hsc.org

HSC Conference Registration Information

Be sure to register ALL of your family members before clicking on "Pay Online." Click on "Invoice Me" to confirm each registration, then click "Pay Online" after you complete the last registrant

1)  Click on "Register"

2)  Enter the email address you used for your HSC membership

3)  Click "Next"

4)  Choose Registration Type

5)  Click "Next"

6)  Fill in registration or confirm information for this registrant and be sure to change the name field for each new registrant

*Please note: Caregivers are not a separate registration; just add them on to the first adult registration

At the bottom of the first adult registration form, click on "Add a Caregiver." 

If you need to add on a caregiver after the original adult has registered, please send an email to hscconference.reg@gmail.com with the name of the original adult registrant and the name of the caregiver. 

7)  After you register the first person, click "Next." You are now at the Review and Confirm page.

8)  IF YOU NEED TO REGISTER MORE PEOPLE, click on "Invoice Me" and then on "New Registration" at the bottom of the next page. Keep doing this for each new registrant, but NOT for the last one.

**Be sure to change the name fields for each new person you are registering. You may leave the rest of the auto- filled information as is**

9) When you are on the "Review and Confirm" page for the very last person you are registering, click on "Pay Online", instead of "Invoice Me."

** If you don't see a PAY ONLINE button after registering all of your attendees, OR if selecting PAY ONLINE only allows you to pay for one attendee, hit the back button and scroll to the bottom. On the bottom right there will be a SEE ALL REGISTRATIONS button. Select this and then click on INVOICES AND PAYMENTS (next to a yellow triangle with !). Ensure all of your registrants are selected, and now you may click on the PAY ONLINE button to pay for ALL of your registrations.

NOTE: Although you will be directed to PayPal, you can pay without using PayPal.  Simply select the "Pay with a debit or credit card" option under the "Choose a way to pay" tab.

Should I register if I plan to be a speaker/presenter or do work exchange?

You must register even if you hope to be a speaker/presenter or do work exchange. If you are a speaker/presenter or do work exchange, your registration will be partially refunded after the conference. Please register early at the lowest rates!

Who should register for HSC Conference?  Can I just come "hang out" instead?

Only the exhibit hall can be browsed for free. All attendees at HSC Conference must register for HSC Conference in order to be in any other parts of the hotel being used by the conference or to attend any conference activities. You must purchase your own pass in order to attend with your child or teen. There is no child or teen drop off option at HSC Conference.

Are there one-day registrations?

Online registration is for the full conference only. One-day registrations will be available on site at the conference if space is available.

What about grandparents?

Grandparents are always FREE!  Grandparent badges are available onsite at the conference with a confirmed registered family. If a grandparent is coming as a caregiver, they can also register onsite for free.

What about Young Adults?

Young Adults aged 19-26 may register onsite for ONLY $15!  Young Adult registration is NOT available online, does not require paid HSC membership in their own name, and is open to members between 19 and 26 years of age who subscribe at the newsletter-only level. Young Adults are defined as individuals who fall between the ages of 19-26 DURING CONFERENCE.  A person who turns 19 on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of conference is considered a young adult.  A person who "ages out" (turns 27) on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of conference may still register as a young adult.  Young Adults MUST show proof of age at the time of registration in order to register at this super low rate!  Proof of age can be a driver's license, passport, or birth certificate.

What about bringing extra kids?

If you wish to bring extra kids to conference (including teens!) please be aware that every child and teen must attend with a registered responsible adult.  You can read HSC's Extra Kids Policy here.

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